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TW-4040 Whirlping 1-2TH special industrial RO membrane element



TW series are ultra-low pressure tap water desalination with reverse osmosis components, rolled carefully with the world's most advanced TORAY brackish water dedicated polyamide composite reverse osmosis membrane. High desalination for the brackish water, surface water, groundwater and other water sources TDS≦2000mg.
High desalination rate, Special with high removal rate for pesticide residues ,tap water disinfection and other common toxic substances  

High stability, optimized the structure of the membrane element design, shorten the length and increase the width of the water spacer ,this series of membrane components are high operating stability and cleanable performance;
A wide variety of options, with a full range of product series in diameter 2.5, 4.0 & 8.0 inches. With length 14,21&40 inches to meet the requirements of different systems of water production and also according to customer needs to customized variety size of membrane components.

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Important information

1. For the design and use of household machines, please refer to the latest version of Shenzhen Huibin Water Technology Co., Ltd. technical manual, design guide, or to the membrane technology experts advice. If the user does not strictly follow the operating conditions listed in this manual, we will not bear all the consequences arising from this.
2. The amount of water produced in the table is the average, and the difference between the minimum water production and the nominal value of the single membrane element does not exceed 20% of the nominal value.
3. Wet film components are rigorously tested and stored in a solution of 1.0% sodium bisulfite (10% propylene glycol antifreeze in winter), then packed in vacuum and packaged in hard cardboard boxes. In order to prevent the growth of microorganisms in short-term storage, transportation and system standby, it is recommended to soak the components with a protective solution containing 1.0% sodium bisulfite (food grade) (formulated with RO output water).
4. Run the first hour of the RO water to be discharged.
5. In the storage and operation of the ban on the addition of any impact on the membrane components of the chemical, such as the violation of the use of such chemicals, Shenzhen Huibin Water Technology Co., Ltd. will not bear all the consequences arising therefrom.


1. Our data and information provided in this document are based on long-term experiments, and we are confident that these data and information are accurate and effective. We do not assume all the consequences of the customer's use or maintenance of the product in accordance with the conditions provided in this book. Please customers in strict accordance with the product design, use and maintenance requirements and use the relevant records!
2. Due to technological progress and product upgrading, product information may change at any time, without prior notice. Please pay attention to our latest product information.

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