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Ganzhou Whirlping Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and its plant is located in Shenzhen. ). Dust-free production workshops featuring constant temperature &t humidity equiped with central air-conditioning covers 4000 square meters with over 30 machines and facilities. Whirlping has over 40 employees including over 10 management staffs and technican and over 30 production line workers. It fares a daily output of 4000-5000 standard household RO membrane (monthly output at 100 thoussand ).To grow together with the water purification industry and maturely realize high popularization of water purification products in the future , Whirlping focuses on integration of industry resources and by depending on household reverse osmosis membrane and provide one stop supply for all kinds of water treatment spare parts . Whirlping has concluded strategic cooperation agreement with on the raw materials of membrane. With its years of experiences on reverse osmosis rolling technology, Whirlping will provide the most considerable full range of RO membrane solution to you. whirlping products are sold to the West, Russia, Middle East, India, Pakistan and Southeast Asian countries and regions. It provides household RO membrane supporting services to over 100 companies in more than 20 countries worldwide.Whirlping not only sell membrane , but also provide RO membrane rolling consulting service for oversea RO membrane rolling factory build .Municipal water RO membrane Ground water RO membrane Tank-less water RO membrane Pump-less water RO membrane Underground water RO membrane Industrial&Commercial RO Brackish water RO membrane Low pressure RO membrane Tap water RO membrane Hospital&Lab RO membrane Ultra low pressure RO membrane Vending Machine RO membrane 1-2Ton flow RO membrane Special specification RO Korea type Inline RO membrane Media type Inline RO membrane Quick clamp type Inline RO membrane Other brand size RO membrane RO membrane design&sampling 35-150G .200-300G.400-600G.600G plus.


RO membrane home

Municipal tap water reverse osmosis membrane
Surface water anti - pollution reverse osmosis membrane
No barrel large flow reverse osmosis membrane
No pump ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane
Reverse osmosis membrane for rural groundwater

RO membrane for commercial and industrial use

Commercial & industrial brackish water RO membrane element
Commercial & Industrial RO membrane elements for low pressure applications
Commercial & industrial tap water RO membrane elements
Commercial & Industrial RO Membrane Element for Extreme Low Pressure
Lab & hospital dedicated two-inch RO membrane element
Water machine for RO membrane components
1-2T / H industrial equipment for the RO membrane components


Special regulatory contour RO membrane

Korean fast-one RO membrane & membrane core
The United States of the fast-one RO membrane & membrane core
Card RO membrane integration & membrane core
Other Brand & Model Integrated membrane core

To customize the RO membrane design
400-600G,600Gthe above

Other water machine accessories matching
RO Membrane shell ,RO Water pumps ,
Wastewater ratio, pre-filter and so on。